Steuerüberschüsse nicht verfrühstücken, sondern investieren: Wäre 🇩🇪 Staatsfonds (nach 🇳🇴 Vorbild) nicht ein Zukunfts-Thema für #Jamaika, @c_lindner?

Good morning from #Germany which is the most popular country in the world. In the wake of a substantial drop in global perception of US, Germany retakes top overall ranking in Nations Image Index, while France climbs to 2nd place. US plunges to 6th.

“If you have a 10% chance of a 100x return, you should take that bet every time even if it’s going to feel bad 9 out of 10 times.” - @JeffBezos

Wahrscheinlich nehmen Sie die Gegenposition

Despite the recent 26-year high in the #Nikkei, Japanese equities are now cheaper than their U.S. and European counterparts.

Schon hart wie viele Konsumschulden es gibt - aber mir soll es recht sein, ich verleihe es ja via @YouTube

✅ Big upside, small downside (i.e. investing in early stage startups, starting your own company in your 20s)

❌ Small upside, big downside (i.e. drunk driving, keeping all your money in a checking account)

I typically analyze investment decisions (time and money) using convexity.

How big is the potential upside compared to the downside?

Singapore now has the world's most powerful passport #travel

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